Pallo Caffeine Wrench Multi-Function Barista Tool
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Pallo Caffeine Wrench Multi-Function Barista Tool

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The Pallo Caffeine wrench is a true multi-function barista tool. With tons of useful features it can handle most of the routine adjustments around the old espresso bar.

A. Steam Wand Tip Wrenches
8mm, 12mm, 13mm Fits nearly all wand tips. Select appropriate size wrench and install or remove tip as required. Note: Do not over-tighten tip when reinstalling! Use to remove 8mm group bolt as well

B. Portafilter Basket Pry/Flat Head Screwdriver
Simply insert pry under basket lip and turn like a key to pop the basket out of the portafilter handle. Use as screwdriver to disassemble group.

C. Steam Wand Scraper
(External) Keep steam wands wiped and clean and you 19ll never need this feature. For neglected wands, soften residue in hot water, then use the tapered edge to gently remove the 1cCheese 1d.

D. Soft Group Head Gasket Probe
Gently press point into rubber group gasket to test freshness and flexibility. Can also be used to remove soft group gaskets for regular cleaning and maintenance and replacement. Will NOT work to remove E61-type pressure-fit group gaskets.

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE HARD OR STUCK GASKETS WITH THIS TOOL. Check with your machine manufacturer or service tech before attempting removal. Injury or group head damage may result.

E. Thermometer Calibration Adjustment Tool.
No need to know where that tiny little plastic calibration tool went when you have Caffeine Wrench handy.

F. Bottle Opener
(Standard Size) Insert edge of bottle top into slot and gently pull up on handle to remove bottle top.

G. Rubber Coated Handle
Angled rubber coated handle makes it easy to hold, easy to pick up out of a drawer and easy to reach 8mm group bolts.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester